Bridge Concept research: Andrea Susini

Brief Pitch about this Post:

This post I will Gaver and learn research about Andrea Susini Concept artwork. The aim to reach after this research is to know and understand who the artist is and what kind of artwork he creates.Andrea Susini First started to do his artwork in August 2012, He started a Graphic design, Designing logos and graphical you can visual Andrea Susini graphic visual.

His work displays colourful and abandoned structures that involve Painted like textures here I will show you a reference image of dishonoured texture design. Here.

Andrea Susini Has a verity different drawing Backgrounds from character design, Environment artist, manyVehicle design much more. The image below shows you  categories that he has on his Online Portfolio   Capture.JPG

About Andrea Susini

Andrea Susini who is a concept designer who Is currently a Freelancer that currently works for Advertisements and The Games design industry. Andrea Susini who is from Italy Greece. He is also a fan of Back to the future and sci-fi film Now I can see that this is where He gets is sci-fi look from his own personal drawings.

Andrea Susini Blog post all these images are from his own personal Blog post.

Here are some of his concept pictures of the Bridge structure, The first picture at the top right you can see a small bridge that isn’t made of wood but naturally formed by a rock.



village sketch

Posted: February 4, 2012 at 12:17 PM

Picture Location Here



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