To develop a 3D Object

Brief Pitch about this Post:

This post I will Tell you how I have created  This object in 3ds Max and show you the steps I had to take to create this mesh.

Wednesday’s  afternoon lesson (3D realisation ) on 1/02/2017, We was set a task creating an object that was placed on the table in the centre of the room.On how we chose our props wasn’t by Looking for the simplest one, We were given a Card facing down by Paul, we were to choose one of the cards and match it with the same card on the table. We were the seated and briefed to model our chosen object into 3DS Max. I have been experienced with 3DSMax over 1 year now so It took me around 1:20 hr to complete my mesh.


The final outcome of my work was okay If I had more time  I am certain to of made this prop a lot smoother with less polycount. I  have shown you From, side and back views of my object this gives you a full rotation of my object allowing you to see the detail and most important all sides. and I have also shown you the original pictures I used for my reference.




Final Render, Here I have developed the skill to Present my work  Better in 3ds max with lighting and the correct render settings. I have been able  To success with this experimentation because I haven’t really done lighting before, All I did before is just add a skylight to the scene. I have much more to improve on my work and lighting skills and its something I am looking forward to learning in the future.

Final render 3ds maxhigh-render-6-point-light


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