Bridge Concept research: Giovani’s

Brief Pitch about this Post:

This post I will Gather information and learn the research about  Giovani`s Artwork, The aim of this brief is to research to find out what the artist backstory is, what are his hobbies or interests? what did he do before he started taking on Art? Tdesolated-city-recoveredhis will help me to learn to understand the structor of his workflow that I the can then take into consideration and try and create my own work based on Giovani’s work.

His work displays colorful structures that involve architecture, The building are beautifully  proportioned and made to look like an urban city


About Giovani’s:

Giovani Is an illustrator who works for the Gaming Industry he also attended a College Located in Canada and he studied Games design and animation graduating with a 1st degree.  He ranges from different styles of art includeing Sci-Fi and Fantasy concepts.

Giovani Also works with Traditional and digital artwork, The tradition side he is very creative with his oil Painting creating Fantasy painting  with rough brush strokesthough his work.A reference Image to His Oil paintings here   Concept art is a key element for modelers and visual artist concept art isn’t a final product.

He also has a music side to his personal life that he develops more skills like playing the guitar and performing  Live shows he also has a great passion for salsa dancing.

The artist also has a Motto that inspires him to develop more art “Love the challenges – Pursue my goals – Push the extra mile to go above and beyond – Strong commitment and dedication to Art in general“.The artist Ranges his creative ideas from  Environments,3D modelling, Cartoons, Characters and Oil, Medium

I have talked about Giovanni’s work and I have Learned about his backstory before He came to be an Artist that he studied in Canada, His interest of Digital art and Multimedia fine art.

(This is none of my art work  I am using Giovanis Art work as reffrances  for this project. If you would like to visit Giovani’s Portfolio  I will link is portfolio  Here. please go to his Portfolio to take in some of his wonderful work he has created.


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