Mini Brief: Creating a Bridge Research

For Creative Futures, We were given a mini Brief to use our creative minds to come up with Different types of Physical structures That connect to two points.  The purpose of bridges is to allow moving objects or people to cross unreachable lands.

What can define a bridge? To define a bridge it can be anything that connects to two points, This could be a stick that has broken off an old tree and landed in a little ditch that allows insects to cross To the other side.

Leafs can act as shelter and Bridges depending how you look at them, There is a great Pixar movie that uses Abnormal things that a human can’t use but insects can for bridges, I am talking about, Leafs, Sticks, Dead animals, an old boot from a human etc.

Some animals even make their own bridges by colonising together and connecting them self’s to make a physical structure, These are  Ants.

I have taken a picture from Google to show you how these ants work and how they can work together to form a bridge.




What types of bridges Are they?

  •  Beam Bridges
  • Truss.
  • Arch.
  • Cantilever.
  • Suspension.
  • Cable Stayed.
  • these are many different styles of bridges you will end up seeing within your local area.

I did some quick sketches of bridges that I may find interesting, Some of these bridges I have drawn are not only just for Human beings  But For anything that lives on this earth. Most Bridges are used for many other Things and used for my different purposes. This vision I had created in my mind was to make a bridge that could be used by Animals a lot like the Disney move Bugs Life, In that films, Bugs worked to build their homes so, so my bridge had to have a narrative that someone was there or something.


I thought I would go out to the city centre and take photos to have a better understanding on What style and choices I could have when it come to creating my bride.










James Paich


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