2 Week Mini Brief

During the 2 week period of been off university,  we were assigned a mini brief to create a service vehicle. This Vehicle could be modern, sci-fi and based in the past.After my experiences in different countries like India, Thailand, and turkey I have been given the privilege to ride a vehicle called a TUK-TUK, this small Vehicle can carry up to 3 people in its chase but if you’re in India you can fit 10 people because no one cares about road safety other there.

What is a tuk-tuk?

Tuk Tuks has many different characters and shapes when it comes to these vehicles.There is also many different ways this vehicle can be used such as Ambulance, Police, Taxi, carrying small cargo for small businesses and general use for the public.

My role is to create this vehicle in 3ds max and but it into the unreal engine. I will also draw many styles of the vehicle on paper. I can model this vehicle because I have seen them in real life and I have a good basic idea on howe to model a vehicle in 3ds max.

I think the challenge for me will be the bodywork with all the curves and detail in the body frame. All this will be hard to do if I want the correct topology


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