Animatic 3D model

here I will show you a 3D model I have created in 3ds max, I have explored further into this project by Hand drawing the room, doing a concept in photoshop and then modelling it in 3ds max.

I wasn’t able to get 3dsmax to work at this time to give the final render, Once I have redownloaded the software I will start to refinish the project.

The bed was re-used from the prison prop I had made for our 2D game project, The bed wasn’t used in that project due to a change of mind in level. I have now made a new home for this prop in a scene that I can present for this project.


The Term Isometric is a method fo a visually representing three-dimensional  Objects, This could include Rooms, Worlds and puzzles you will often see this kind of work in the game Diablo 1 and 2, here I am two examples of the game diablo 2 that came out in the year 2000.

I like the style of the game, It’s dark, detailed and full of action, this was amazing for its time games now miss or seem to skip the fun in games and only care about the game been done.



Isometric diablo.jpgIsometric.jpg


I was very proud of what I have achieved in my  Isometric room for my game, Even tho a lot of it was nowhere near done but it gives you a better understanding of how I wanted the room to look like.  I would like to learn more about how to create Isometric in 3ds max and begin to improve my models.

What would I want to improve?

I would like to improve the Cover, Carpet, Bin and the rubbish on the floor. These all have low polys what I need to improve on.  could add more problems but that would effect the optimisation of the mesh. 


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