“Creativity & Creating a Personal Micro Culture”

This post will tell you about computer devaluation of drawings skills.

Artist and developers can develop anything on screen if that looks far back into history where drawing first began to the modern drawings today.  You have artist’s  who are against the digital outlook of art, and you have the artist who is for moving from traditional art to modern technology. The people who are for  digital art  Have an argument of preferring digital art to traditional art, Rafiq Elmansy says “It is more like a fear of the new tool than simply rejecting it.”Many artists think that new art methods, especially digital ones, can affect their business badly, which is wrong as we will see later.”  Rafiq then talks about many different methods of arts, about are such as Traditional arts and digital arts. He then starts about these are really competing arts?Do we need to know about traditional arts? in my opinion, of course, we do, we need to learn the traditional way of arts to get a better understanding of it digitally.

You can find Rafiq Elmansy blog and debate here 


Reflected practice.

This image was the first thing I had drawn on my new graphic tablet. How I could improve it in the future is to practice on Photoshop and getting used to the Sensitive touch pad. once I have grown to my drawing Technic skills, I can the develop game concepts for Idea for my game.


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