Storyboarding Research

This post will tell you  about different types of Storyboards that developer use for there peroration to create an animation or Game.


Story Boards are drawn up by an artist then  brought into an editing program and are cut together with the correct timing and pace of the film/Game.

I have looked and researched different types of storyboards that animators and game developer use for there development. Storyboards dont just include just the story but the Time Frame ,How long will that shot last? What kind of shot will this be ? Close up,  Medium close up or over the shoulder shot.

What direction will your character or your moving object  take ? Where is the character whats in the environment?  Is there boxes ,water? or is it just plane? Storyboards helps plan out all these steps  in peroration  for them to start there development.

The pictures above show you different types of storyboarding Technics that a artist would create. This example will help me develop my storyboard when it comes to drawing it.


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