Intro to VR

This post will explain How VR has changed games and how it has impacted on how developers make there games.


So What is VR?]

VR (Virtual reality) uses Computer technology to simulate a digital environment that uses 3D space,Vr places the player/person into a Virtual Environment Instead of viewing a screen from you desk, users are immersed and able to interact with 3D worlds/other players.



How does VR work?

VR is a wearable tech that makes you think you’re standing in a 3d world.The headset set-up is being used by Oculus, Sony, HTC, Samsung and Google, and usually requires three things. A PC, console or smartphone to run the app or game, The VR system will help with many things not just to play or make Video games but for medical use as well. and what I mean by that is Using VR for Operations designing a cast for a patient, Chect the full patients skellington in 3d form .The Vr works by motion tracking we have  had the technology for years, in our phones,cameras and tablets.




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