Texture Maping

For this task,  we had to create tileable textures. we did this by going out on 23/11.16 as a group taking pictures of leaves, or murky walls from an old building.Once we have got the textures we then need to edit our seems on our textures using Photoshop.

How does seems  help or improve your texturing?

when you import your seamed textures into a Game engine the texture won’t have an end, and what I mean about that is you won’t have a line across your texture.

How to seamless your textures.

when you have your textures you can load them into Photoshop on a canvas size of 512×512 the power of two.The textures where positioned horizontally and vertically for the texture to wrap round into its proper size. Then the stamp/clone tool will be used on the texture to remove the seams.


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