2D side scroller Environment

This Blog will give you visual pictures  of the progress of our Group environment, The visuals will include traditional drawings Digital Concepts and 3D  modeling.

level desgin  idea 1 Basement.pngThe Design of this level was to make you feel like you are underground. The Black color stands for dirt/deep and underground. I have put cracks in the walls floors to make the place seem old and used like a basement. 22/11/2016.


Here is a colored concept of my sketch.  I made this in adobe photoshop.  In the picture you can see an x-ray machine, waiting area, lockers to store or hide in when playing the game, beds and chemical facility.   First aid room.png

I have also scanned in my power room level for our prison design.  To improve for the next time do it this level design or something similar is I would use a ruler to get the straight edges and add shadows in the background where the machinery is.img001.jpgpower room second storage room.png


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