Prison Research

For My prison research I decided to use a reference of a TV series “prison Break”, The  TV consists of learning the outcome When you are sent to prison. It gives you  an idea on what Life is like behind the walls. In prison  inmates group up and protect there own from other people if your on your own then you venerable to  been attack.

what to expect in prison:

Many people try to compensate by focussing on key expectations or milestones such as what might happen and when it might happen (from cleaning and food to visits and telephone calls).People Go into prison with  expectation .(not making friends or cooperate with different groups to keep out of trouble.

What you actual feel in prison:

I haven’t been to prison nor I don’t plan on going there but if I was in the shoes of a person who is to be sentenced  to prison, I would feel depressed scared and lonely, The moment I step into the cell you realise that your life  outside the wall Is OVER,(depending on your sentencing time). The first night will feel long and Painful just thinking about life outside the walls, Or what would life would be like if I didn’t create the crime I did. My full life will just start to crumble away with family become more distant from you, As a person I would feel home sick missing spending time with loved ones. (This is why a lot of prisoners Try and brake out of prison  if there serving  life.

How would I Implant this into a game?

The Game Would consist  of doing further research or even visiting a prison just to see what life is like inside the walls.

My game will have  4 different cell blocks to separate  each race from each other(This will Bring less violence  to each race).The prison will be based off a reference, Maybe on a island?

The game will carry out on how the character feels . Like what I said In “What you actual feel in prison” The aim of the game will to Brake out by using tactics in the game and to make friends to work together so that you do have a chance of braking out. These friends will be based on who you choose.

planning will be a big part of an mechanic in the game. planning to brake out of prison  you will need  a maximum of 5 people. depending  on how many people you  work with  to brake out of prison , lets say you have 5 people to help you  the difficulty will be easy and if there was less to work with the harder it went , Because of the more work you had to do.(Grater chance of getting caugh.