Game Idea project #1

My game Idea was to create an Insect game that was ranked for 12 years old.

The game had to be child-friendly for it to be appropriate for a youngster to play.

I had a vision of my game to be set in a back garden where an old lady lived.The garden would be overgrown with weeds overgrown grass and broken bits and peace scattered alongside the garden. The old woman couldn’t do much so she was made to hire a young boy to fix her garden up for her, Now the garden was a paradise for small insects to live.

The  Game i was going to create was a racing game.what was Fun, Exiting and challenging for the player.

What are my experiences with racing games?

My racing games consist of Need for speed,super Mario and smugglers run,These games came out when I was a kid so 1999 or early 2000s, The games were exciting and having the thrill to even play this type of game was exciting for me,I spend weeks, months and years playing games like this I felt like it was the best time of my life , The matter was not the story it was playing in 3d worlds, interacting with other cars and AIs, my mind was blown away because I Was so use to playing arcade games on my Nintendo. I remember playing Bomber man in the arcade, I played it to the point where my console overheated and wouldn’t turn back on That was a sad day for me. When the ps2 finally came out need for speed came out  and the GTA vice city and GTA 3 I was soo excited to be playing these games, I remember saying to myself “I really want to make my own game when I Am older”But when i was younger I didn’t know how complex these game where  to make.

The car mechanic was the best one and using the cheat codes made it even more fun for me.  Flying around in cars or shooting rockets out from the front of the car.

I know i wanted to make a game like GTA because of the style and story and just how it looks. And to this day I still do. It’s a dream but it can come true.

My bugs game was going to be similar but on a racing track in a garden. I was going to develop to implant game codes in the game to give you more freedom in the game. I want to make a game and make people feel how I did when First started to play games.

I know the games industry is not doing well right now but each our own has an opinion. Games now don’t have that spark that they use too (Am I getting too old?).

My bugs game was just going to be about the different type of bugs racing each other while avoiding the Boy who was cutting the grass.


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