Target Platforms and Demographics 2

For our group  project  we have decided  for our game to be for 18+ and  2D  side scroll. we have chosen for our audience  to be adults because it gives us alot to play about with ,Idea wise. The game Will involve having to find weapons or crafting, Exploration, Quests from other NPC ,Blood,fighting and much more. we have really thinked about our Audience  and as part of the  group this was a good direction for us to face.

The game will involve you (the player) to wonder the prison and find small quests though out the prison ,weather that’s in the power room , storage room or somewhere you shouldn’t be JUST DON’T GET COUGH  otherwise you might have to restart that level again. And this would add frustration to the player and wanting to comeback to the game to complete the level.


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