Main Brief: Your First Game

For this Brief as a group,  we had to come up with multiple ideas for a game that would fit the age range of the audience we where Targeting.

The audience  age range where

  • 10yrs-14yrs
  • 14+yrs(Female market)
  • 35+ yrs (genre market)

Between each of these age ranges I had to come up with wider rangers of ideas and plan it out on a spider diagram, diagdiagram would give me a better backstory and a better understanding on what could be made into a game. We will pitch our game  to the class and our tutors,o ur pitch will include concept visuals  and mechanics that we had researched  for our final idea.

The pitch will  be delivered to the class for them to give us feedback on how we can change around our ideas  or leave use negative/positive feedback.

With the feedback what is given to us, we will be able Re reflect on our approach on our game ideas.Below you will see Development progress  of my ideas,T his includes 10yrs-14yrs ,14+yrs(Female market) and  35+ yrs (genre market)

Date 12/10/16


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