Game Mechanics(Points)

Point are the oldest form of rewards in a game , the Point mechanic  lets the players  know on  how the player  is doing in game.

A game  that is known for a good point system  is pong.

What is Pong?

Pong is a table tennis sports game featuring simple two dimensional graphics. Pong was  the firts mainstream popularity before any other game,The aim of the game  is to defeat an opponent just like table tennis,to win you have to reach a higher score then your opponent

The picture  You see below is the arcade game pong. It shows  you the point system the vertical  platforms that the player moves and the small ball you have to hit to your opponent.220px-Pong.pngPong isn’t the only game that does a point systems modern games like  shooters,rpgs and mmos, the score system could be  but in as an XP system  for other people to earn points to unlock  other items.


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