Game Mechanics:lottery

Almost every game  has a lottery mechanic, a lottery mechanic is  something you can gamble   to win something bigger in game. The winner of  some sort of task can be picked, chosen or random selected. The Winners of this gambling method will keep players addicted and more urged  to gamble again. Some people will pay real money to have a better chance to win at this mechanic to get better Stats or other type of beneficial  things for there character.

Different methods of gambling.

There are many types of gambling  techniques to get peoples attention.

Slot machines  are one of the first mechanic to get peoples attention  , This mechanic  is mostly used on a mobile device or gambling apps.  A game called Wild Bonus that does use this mechanic for gambling.

Scratch card is a mechanic that  is used in Taped Out, Taped out  plays like sims city, The games allows you to build your own city/town for your fellow sims. In your built city one of the shops is a  quick mart  that plays a main part in your game, Every day you are rewarded a scratch card  for playing the game. On this scratch card you can wind Money,gems or another go.

The lottery mechanic in games are sourly made for gambling websites or gambling games.

How would I implant this into my game?

I would implant this mechanic into my game as an reward system, when you complete a quest or when  you re enter the game.  The mechanic will give the player the drive to come back and visit the game every other day.


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