Game Mechanics (Reward Schedules)

Reward schedule  is an reward system  this is based on a time schedule,  This is where the player is reward for spending some time on  quest or for completing a quest.

There is two types of Reward Schedules.

Fixed intervals

fixed action

What does Fixed intervals mean ?

Fixed Intervals refers to a schedule  that is on fixed time (say you play a game for 60 minutes and you get rewarded XP, or when you collect something from hitting a tree you  that you are rewarded with a peace of wood.

This tends to create a low engagement to the play to play more or collect more to get his/her reward from in game.

What does Fixed action mean?

Fixed Action Rewards, Players complete a certain task  to receive an reward that they was expecting. Also  if a player Buys a Sword from the in game market place using  the game currency  they can be rewarded a free sword  or some in game currency back.Screenshot_1.png

The picture above shows an exact  example on what  I was talking about. You can earn game deals if you complete or get a good score in game.

If i was to implant this in my game I would  Make the reward system fixed Intervals, This would give the player satisfaction  of completing a quest.

If you want to lean more about visit here 



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