TOMB RAIDER Environment Art : Rogelio Olguin


Rogelio Olguin started his work in the Unreal engine UT2004. Then he went to school for a few years and after he graduated  he eventually got to work with Crystal Dynamics for 2 years.

His wife Shaelene Lin has a job working  with an VFX company in LA/Santa monica. Rogelio and his wife lived separate life`s for 1 year  while Rogelio was working  till the end of his 2 year contract with crystal Dynamics,

He worked On many areas in the game  most of the time involved working on the main areas.

Main areas 

Village Hub

Scavenger Hub

Beach Hub

Chasm Bridge

Rogelio Worked on many Textures and materials while he did his  Environments. Rogelio says’Texturing is not interesting alone’ so different artiest worked come together  to provide different layers,normal’s and sharers for is environments.

Here are some of Rogelios work that i found interesting,you will find more of his work on his blog, the link is below. vhmain-011.jpgscavhub-011.jpg

Rogelio Olguins Blog:


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