Liam Tart 3D Environment Artist Alien Isolation.

Liam Tart the artist who worked on the game called Alien Isolation that was a direct sequel to the original ‘Alien’ film. created the artwork mainly for the Iconic Stasis room within the game. Liam didn’t just work on one bit of the game but he helped produce  Towing Platform which is the crumbling platform what was a mechanic that when a player entered a room or stepped on something would trigger, This can be an NPC talking to you, the light automatically turning on when you enter a room.  The video game’Ailian Isolation’ is set in the sci-fi world of space, you are working on a ship with your crew, the ship suddenly shuts down and start to shake out of control, the ship drifted into an orbit around a big red planet waiting for the aliens to take over the ship.

I like the idea of Liam’s concept of a living area, I can tell that they were people sleeping in them pods  for more than a few months if not years without a sign of ageing. how can I know is, what are the pipes, computers and high pressured glass for? and to where they are now in space they could be thosands of years ahead of their home planet. I f I was to create a concept what is in the same theme as this game, I would use Liam’s concept work as a reference.






Liam Tarts Blog:


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