Revenue for video Games Info graphic.

In Today’s lesson, We were told to Create an info graph  Based on the Chosen idea we were given. The ideas where wrote onto the white board numbered between 1/5.

4.Iconic Protagonists

5.Iconic Antagonists



6.Iconic people


When each of us had rolled the dice we were put into our small groups of 3.

When I rolled the dice it had landed on the number 3 , putting me in the revenue group for this module.

In this module,  I will have to make an info Graphic  Timeline of different types of revenue for games The timeline will be made in Photoshop and presented to the class.

The games industry England

The UK has a long history of making world-class video games. With the global games market expected to grow from $91.8bn in 2015 to a total of $118.6 billion by 2019.

Here is my infographic timeline  That explains about different industry’s and about their revenues  Revenue Timeline.png


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