Creative Futures Summary

Service Vehicle Concept

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Creating a Bridge

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3D Realisation Summary; Semester 2

For this summary, I will link you all the work I have done for semester 2.

To develop a 3D Object

Mannequin Concept:https

Hard Surface Modelling

First time Texturing Experiment

Different types of texturing

Group Project Shop

 Nick Petit workflow

Low poly Guitar

Mini brief Back of a wall

Charlie and the Chocolate factory: HUD/UI understanding

For this brief, I will be researching about different HUDS in Games that I will be using as a reference to implement into my game idea. Charlie and the chocolate Factory is a Fantasy(not realistic)Game. film and book so expanding my Hud Ideas to me non-realistic will be a plus for me, The game HUD isn’t meant to look realistic but understandable for the player When designing the HUD the HUD needs to be understandable and clear to understand. Having a Hud with bright flashing lights will be unhealthy to some people due to photo epilepsy.

Below I have taken a GIF Out of Borderlands with the HUD turned off, this allows the player to see more clearly without horrible text or icons appearing on the screen.because the person made this black and white Borderlands looks like a totally different game.My opinion it looks like a horror instead of a cartoon fantasy.


Jayse Hansen

Jayse Hansen works freelance who works remotely from las Vagas, He also built a solid reputation as a creative director for print, web and motion design. Jayse has worked with many films such as Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Iron Man 3, The Avengers, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay I and II, and Disney’s Big Hero 6. Jayse is a fanatic for creating futuristic props, UI, and work. The software he mainly uses to help him produce his work area illustrator, Photoshop, Cinema 4d, After Effects etc.

The films UI he helped to create are See the Avengers finale through Tony Stark’s eyes, Artist Jayse Hansen on the bleeding edge of 14 computer interfaces that gave Avengers its high-tech texture and much more. Jayse Hansen blog

GTAV’s HUD as the best looking HUD in my own opinion, It’s clear, not cluttered and very well designed. The HUD is small, compact and simple to look at. Having a compact HUD is no good to have in a game, The first thing you don’t need is a bunch of text flying on your screen telling you what to do. like hints that pop up every now and then a great example for this are puzzle games such as tomb raider.

giphy (1).gif

UI experiment

Here I have experimented creating UI in photoshop, for my children’s adaptation I wanted to create a basic and simple UI so it can be easy for the player to understand.

I still want my game to look children friendly because of the theme I had chosen for this brief. I stuck to my idea of not having the UI too cluttered and it been simple. I had used my gun design I Created, thinking its a great fitting to my game due to it been unique and alien like.

Ui experiment.png

Sketches of inventory

Since I was creating the inventory as well as the UI I managed to create different inventory layout. I have more information about my inventory here.

Inventory experiment.png


Nick Pettit Work flow

Here I will research the workflow of a different 3D artist who has had experience with working in the gaming industry. This will give me a better understanding of how another developer produces their work in the gaming industry.I Can also reflect on their work and improve myself for the future.

Nick pettit 

Pettit describes an asset workflow that he models for game props. In his Blog post, he will be showing the development of an old radio for someone with experience such as myself II will pick up a few tips and tricks from this blog.Nick goes and talks about the word “Assets”” a game asset is a character or an object that’s meant to appear in a video game”Nick describes that most props that are created in a game are just humble props radio001.jpgmeaning they are there just to fill out the background, so the game doesn’t look to empty: A wooden boat with boxes piled inside, a stone bridge, Some loot boxes placed in empty areas that could also be filled with Pots etc. Nick also mentions that creating a prop isn’t easy, it can be bewildering and time-consuming coming up with an idea that would have to fit that certain type of environment. Nick also explains Motivation for creating new assets can come from a variety of sources, such as walking down a street you see something old or fascinating, you then start to get motivated so you get your pen and paper out and 2cc39856b77d968cf12ca83a4e26d58cstart drawing that object you find fascinating. Nick also explains about polycount and shows the development of the 3d process to many polys can effect a game.that’s why a lot of developers like Nick do most of the detail in their textures.

I found his Blog post to be very useful, but I still would like to do more research about UV mapping because it is what I am lacking in my portfolio.

Group Project Creating a Building


My idea is to have a comic Bookstore that allows other people to look into the comic shop window to see a different variety of comic books, The comic store will be Themed a 90s bookstore, I want my shop to be a part of history so making the comic shop vintage and old is very important. The wood planes on the windows show wear and tear from the rain washing away the original paint. I want the door to look old but main held together by the glass pane, Every time you open the door you hear the old bell ringing above the door.The windows at the front of the shop will have some Posters that the shop had advertised in the past.The shop will show the shutter like there haven’t been pushed up properly, I won’t have any neon lights or anything like that but just a simple hangover light that illuminates’s Just the sign and the path below. At the front of the shop there will a small bench and a newspaper stand and possibly a gum ball machine, I want my comic shop to look inviting and to have a lot of narratives.

At the end of the first year, I am hoping to present a Winter, Autumn, summer and a night scene as my final render. At night the shutters will be down the light will stay on to illuminate the sign above so that night time adventures who come to pass by will know where their local comic shop is to visit another day.  The Autumn will have leafs piling again the shop, and the tone of the comic shop will look blue as the day goes on, at dusk the scene will turn bright orange from the sun.

Winter: This May have snow on the ground also on certain props outside of the shop.The color will also be dark blue or really light depending on the weather(example snow is on the floor everything is bright and cleaner).

Night time: The shop will be closed to the public, the shutters will be down and the light will flicker once in a while. The night will be cold and toned Dark blue.


Marek Denko( 3D artist)

Marek Denko was born in 1980 making him the age of 37 years old. Marek DenkoFirst fell in love with a computer in 1991, his first computer was the Atari 800XL. in 1991 he discovered a 3D program 3dstudio R4 and began to Learn, study freelancing in game models and architectural visualizations.

Reference images

Here are a few of reference images I collected near ST Stephans.The images include different parts from a shop I will implement these different parts from all the images and complain it into one.


Now I have done a rough layout of the street and a design what the front of my shop may look like.I am to move further into photo bashing,I will use this method of creativity to help me proceed further into my design.

Layout shopand desgin.png


To develop my design even further I have made a Photobash with the images I had collected of what a comic book would look like. The reason why I did photo bash is because I want my shop to look different and more unique from any other Comic shop. My Idea was already planned for my shop to be themed in the early 90s, so I went on google and picked different images that had a good narrative. I also went out to my local village Sutton and began to take some pictures of the old shops, such as Windows and doors.

Photobash Comic Store

Sketch up

To Help me develop my ideas further I had modeled my comic shop in Sketch up. (not to scale). I started to draw a box on the floor and extend it upwards. After I was ended up with a box I used the cut tool to cut out my windows and doors. so that it had a more of a look of a shop. I then added the Roof hangover to give it depth, didntI also brought out the wall so that it didn’t look flat. screen 001 comic shop.JPG

Comic Font

I wanted more of a Comic Font so that I could use for my sign.

link to the fonts I had used.

Comic Concept

I wanted you to see comic books from the window of my shop, I went and sketched out the (ActionJoe) Title in my book and colored and adjusted it to look like a comic.

The comic will be 25cm by 16.8 cm.


Comic Shop Progression

Here I will show you the progression of my building. As you can see I have shown you the very Basic on how I created my comic shop. Starting from gray blocking at the right dimensions of a common comic shop.learning dimensions is vital in the gaming industry, A good dimension is A real life-sized house, scale, GTA is a great example for this because of the open world and the Big city of LA. A Bad dimension is when nothing is to scale making the objects too small or too big, Gmod is a great example because the game engine(Source) allows anyone to create a game mode with its custom map.

The Dimensions of my building are

731.0cm Length

487.68cm Width

365.76cm Heigh

Door and windows are also to scale.



1.108cm Width

264.16cm  Heigh


299.757cm Length

10.775cm Width

205.811cm Heigh

My paper stand is also to scale 40 cm all around.


001 angle view001 dimentions correctly in place for modelinghave started to model the shop front

Here I tested the model within unreal to check the building dimensions.Test 001 unreal scaleI now added the inner door to the shop and the right side005 Now I have added Bay windows into the shop and a glass texture

Texturing Progression006 Now I have added hanging roof upport poles

Now that I have Completed my Model, I am now ready to take it into Substance Painter For texturing.I have Used the default textures already inside the software. I then Began to paint my textures onto my UVs. After I had done I exported my textures as PBR this would make my game more realistic with no shadows on my actual texture.


final Render

Here I had changed the lighting within the Unreal engine, I added 2 skylights to give the extra shadow underneath the roof hangover.I then changed the light color to a mild orange to give it a warm atmosphere.


Base Color maps

Here are all the color maps I used for my comic shop.

Putting it into Unreal as a group

now I have completed my model, as a group we were to put all our buildings  into Unreal Engine 4. once we had all merged all our building into one level to form a small town. Now we have completed this task ,a playable shooter game could be played within our level.


This brief has given me another Skill that I had learned in substance painter, I also tried out Substance designer to see what the differences were between the two, with Designer you created your own texture and with painter you painted the texture onto your model. I really enjoyed doing this brief because I tried to make a shop a few months ago for personal work but the texture and scale were all off it looked horrible, I have improved a lot with my texturing skills just by spending time doing this brief.toward the end of my design I was constantly changing on how my shop looked,I am pretty pleased with how it has turned out.



For this brief, I am to build some knowledge of Zbrush and sculptures.I am first to sketch portraits of a peer, Celebrity and myself.The celebrity that we can only choose from is

  1. Tilda Swinton,
  2. Wai Ching HO,
  3. Samuel L.Jackson
  4. Gabriel Byrne
  5. Marianne Jean-Baptiste
  6. Richard O`Brien, Judy Dench
  7. Benedict Wong
  8. Ian McNeice
  9. Steve Buscemi

Using different Methods such as Charcol, Pen and pencil, to shows different techniques and development throughout this brief.Studying Anatomy, the structure of the face, and the bones and musculature that underpin the structure of the face.

Learn the process of skill set development, that you should explore the work of Games artists you Admire and look into their development and structure design.

PART 2-Intro to 3D Realisation

Develop 2 digital 3D portraits based upon the portraits I have worked on, You may use Zbrush and sculptris to develop you 3d design.


Understanding Anatomy and facial structure.

To improve my drawing skills even further I came by to Understand Facial structure and anatomy, This will further my skills in character design and facial Expressions. Understanding the human skull such as the neurocranium that is the bone Structure surrounding the Brain and the viscerocranium that is formed by the bones supporting the face.When it come to drawing the face it is important to research different parts of the face like the Mandible that is also known as the lower Jaw, Maxilla that holds the upper teeth and it also assists in forming the roof of your mouth. Then there is the Frontal That is your forehead.

On top of your Viscerocranium, there will rest Muscle tissue or striated skeletal muscles this develops the shape of the human face and control your Facial expressions. In every face, there is a different shape to how the Mimetic make people look.


Image sources




Triple face portrait.

research how other people draw them self’s and imperilment it into all models

Celebrity Character Portraits

For my Celebrity I had drawn Samual L Jackson, Samual L Jackson is known to be a very famous actor starring in the Marvel films The Avengers and Captain America. I decided to draw my celebrity in charcoal pencil so I could get better shadows and tones within my portrait.

Samual L Jackson.png


Self Portraits

Here I have drawn myself using a different variety of methods, I created my drawings using a brush pen, Pencil, pen and a cotton smudge pencil to blend in the shadows. For my first attempt, I used a mirror to catch the facial structure of my face, I then began to sketch out in pen the shape of my head, I then had drawn lines across the page to indicate where my  Frontal, eyes, neurocranium and lips would be on my face.I then drew my eyes, nose mouth and ears. to get the correct measurements of my eyes I looked in the mirror on where my ear began and where it ended, With my ear, it ended near my neurocranium and begun at the top of my eyebrow. Since I used a brush pen, I transformed it into a digital art concept by Using the correct colour to paint my face and then modified the layer as Darken, Darken allows me to see the tone in my face. as my first attempt, I didn’t do too well because I didn’t explore different techniques with the brush pen and pen.Self portrait.png


Peer Portraits

For Part of my Peer, I decided to draw my Girlfriend Ais. While we were on Video call together I asked her”do you mind if I do a portrait of you ” and she happily said Yes. While she did a pose I quickly did an outline of her head, hair and neck. The first portrait I did was Rubbish, I didn’t use perspective and I was still trying to understand the Anatomy and facial structure until I did more research I started to see the floors of my drawing. I then began to start again and sketch Ais from her perspective.After I had done My drawing I scanned the picture into Photoshop and did the same method I did for the Children’s adaptation Weapons brief.The only thing I’d done differently is that I added a Blur gradient to my colours, The purpose of adding a Blur gradient is that it blends the colours to have that more natural look of her skin tone. The purpose of colouring my peer is to show natural skin tones, shadows and highlights.